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31 Rua Dom Paio Peres Correia
Loulé, Faro District, 8100

+351 289 410 280

Escritório de advogados Pina Amendoeira com sede em Loulé, Algarve, especializado nas áreas de contensioso,  imobiliário, urbanismo, turismo, fiscalidade, comercial e societário.



Pina Amendoeira is a law firm located in Loulé, Algarve, Portugal. Specialized in the areas of litigation and other contentious matters, tourism law, urban planning law, real property law, corporate and commercial law and taxation.

Our firm was established in 1981 and focuses on the areas of corporate and commercial law, real property law and investment, urban planning law and tourism law. In these principal areas, we also advise on taxation issues and act in related litigation, mediation or arbitration, if necessary. See more

Litigation and other contentious matters

Legal disputes, including commercial ones, are usually of great personal importance to those involved and are often the source of considerable tension or emotion. We attempt to reduce the stress and uncertainty of contentious matters by adopting a very methodical approach to our work.
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Urban Planning Law

In addition to the more traditional legal advice we provide to our clients, we are often asked to integrate multi-disciplinary teams that conceive and design urban projects; we then monitor and accompany those projects through the regulatory process.  We keep abreast of legal developments in this area and often organize presentations, workshops and other educational initiatives for clients and other lawyers.
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Tourism Law

For many years, the most prominent industry in the Algarve has been the tourism industry. Our firm has extensive experience in this area and a deep understanding of existing challenges, especially in situations where the current regulatory regime conflicts with previously applicable legislation.
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Real Property Law

Legal assistance is essential in the acquisition and management of real estate assets, especially in view of the complex regulatory regime applicable to such investments. There are countless rules and norms, sometimes conflicting, which can seriously affect property owners and the value of their property.
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Corporate and Commercial Law

We provide advice to corporate and commercial clients throughout each phase of the development of their business activities, from early stage start-ups, where we advise on business structures, regulatory requirements, market issues and other aspects of project implementation, to mature and established businesses, where we provide experienced on-going counselling.
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To best advise our clients, we remain up-to-date in this rapidly changing area of law. We closely follow developments in the taxation of real estate and capital (IMI, IMT and IS) and income (IRS and IRC). We have spearheaded a number of successful challenges based on erroneous interpretations of law or unconstitutional applications by authorities.
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